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Our newest specialty technique....


The Natural Dye Collection


This new technique we added to the collection comes from a long tradition of natural dye technique developed by artisans all over the world over many moons.


This summer Thea embarked on a journey to learn how to use flowers from her garden in her dye process to create custom, one of a kind pieces for you!


Here's a bit about the process...



First, you have to source your materials!


Thea lays out the silk organza so that she can place the flowers on the silk.


Time for placement! That "hairy" stuff is actually Steel Wool. In the final process, when it becomes wet and heated, it starts to rust which creates beautiful darker jewel tones. 


Getting the placement just right....


Time to roll it up!


Tie it up securely so none of the petals move or fall out...


Vinegar bath!


We Steam the roll for about 30 mins.


Some time later....release the flowers from the roll.



...And then you leave it over night to cure!

 in the morning we take the organza to our specialty flower maker to cut and create the petals we use in the headpieces!


A true labor of love. Each one unique.