Can’t decide which belt is perfect with your dress? We’ve got the perfect solution:

The Hushed Commotion Belt Loan Service

 - Agreeing to this service binds you to the agreement that you are borrowing 3 sample belts from Hushed Commotion, they are not in perfect condition, they are slightly well loved. In the event that you order, we will make a new belt for just you.

- These belts are on loan to you for one week (you choose the dates). They must be back in the Hushed Commotion studio by the agreed upon date.

- The borrower agrees to pay the non-refundable shipping fees in both directions.

- This loan is in hopes that you find the belt of your dreams! In that case, the loan deposit ($75) will be applied to your order. In the event that you do not order a belt from us, the loan deposit will be refunded within a week.

- Please note, any damages to the belts will be assessed upon return, and may incur a damage fee.

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