Game of Thrones Inspired Vans

Game of Thrones Inspired Vans


I know that we all want to be as crafty as possible, but sometimes things don't always come out the way you see them in pictures; or, try as you might - you just don't have enough time! 

For these reasons, I am offering to personally "DIY" your Vans for you! I am offering the Game of Thrones motif from my blog post.

Here's how it works:

- Go online and purchase a pair of Vans in your size from the website (this style please)

- Have them shipped to my studio in Brooklyn:


516 3rd Ave

Brooklyn NY 11215

- Check out below to purchase my time, expertise and materials to DIY your Vans. (price includes shipping cost to return them to you)

- Email me your tracking number.

- Wait about 5 weeks, and then strut your stuff!

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