Renee in Smokey Onyx Earring options WEB.jpg

Renee in Smokey Onyx

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Sarah in Geranium (more colors) hushed-commotion-amber-gress-0112-.jpg

Sarah in Geranium (more colors)

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Erin Earring (more colors) Earring options WEB.jpg

Erin Earring (more colors)

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Erin with ear cuff (more colors) hushed-commotion-amber-gress-0131-.jpg

Erin with ear cuff (more colors)

Jamie hushed-commotion-amber-gress-0148-.jpg


Nelle hushed-commotion-amber-gress-0054-.jpg


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Renee [more colors] hushed-commotion-amber-gress-0119-.jpg

Renee [more colors]

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Sarah in White (more colors) hushed-commotion-amber-gress-0303-.jpg

Sarah in White (more colors)

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Sarah in Chartreuse (more colors) hushed-commotion-amber-gress-0117-.jpg

Sarah in Chartreuse (more colors)

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Renee [grande] renee big and small.jpg

Renee [grande]

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Erin Earrings (grande) erin big & small.jpg

Erin Earrings (grande)

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Sarah Earrings (grande) erin big & small.jpg

Sarah Earrings (grande)

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Morris Hushed Commotion 2018, Rebecca Yale, gold modern starburst and opal earring 3.jpg


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Joan Hushed Commotion 2018, Rebecca Yale, turquoise boho glam wedding earrings.jpg


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Doan Hushed Commotion 2018, Rebecca Yale, art deco crystal wedding earring 2.jpg


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Alma (Black) Hushed Commotion 2018, Rebecca Yale, wedding earring gold brush stroke 2.jpg

Alma (Black)

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Lexi Hushed Commotion, Jen Huang 2017, Lexi earrings, blue green crystal drops, detail.jpg


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Carlin Hushed Commotion, Jen Huang 2017, Carlin Dragonfly earrings with crystal 4.jpg


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Belle HushedCommotion2016-LindsayMaddenPhotographyII-55*.jpg


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Sarah Earring options WEB.jpg


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Mandy Earrings [more colors] IMG_7557.JPG

Mandy Earrings [more colors]

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Mandy Mini Earrings [more colors] IMG_8351.jpg

Mandy Mini Earrings [more colors]

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Tory Earrings [more colors] IMG_7584.jpg

Tory Earrings [more colors]

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"Shalom" Earrings thumb_IMG_8273_1024.jpg

"Shalom" Earrings

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Chelsea Earrings [more colors] IMG_7559.jpg

Chelsea Earrings [more colors]

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Francis [more colors] IMG_7594.JPG

Francis [more colors]

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"Queen of the Night" Earrings thumb_IMG_8357_1024.jpg

"Queen of the Night" Earrings

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Wexley IMG_7678.JPG


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Starlight Earrings thumb_IMG_8293_1024.jpg

Starlight Earrings

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"Mistletoe" Earrings thumb_IMG_8312_1024.jpg

"Mistletoe" Earrings

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Cheers! thumb_IMG_8347_1024.jpg


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